The Central Park Tower offers ground transportation services for your convenience. To schedule our transport service, just send along your flight details or requested pickup time and location. In return, we will send you specific instructions on how to meet up with your driver. Please note that for the airport pickups, the instructions will change depending on the airport arrival terminal.

For trips to or from Manila airport, the cost for a car pick-up or drop-off is 3,000 pesos, whereas the rate for a van is 3,500 pesos. For guest comfort and luggage considerations, the maximum number of passengers for the car is limited to three persons. For a van, the maximum number of passengers is limited to six persons. There will also be an additional fee charged to anyone who requests that a friend be allowed to ride along with the driver for a pickup. The same condition applies for anyone who requests that a friend be brought back to Angeles or some other destination after his or her drop-off in Manila. If there is an additional fee, you will be informed at the time of your transport booking.

For trips to or from Clark, a private car is available for 450 pesos (up to three passengers). Similarly, the van is available for 550 pesos (up to six passengers). For pickup of any group of more that six persons, you will receive a rate quote at the time of the booking.

For trips to or from any other location, including Subic, please email or call the hotel for quotes.

The cost of the pick-up can be charged to your room.

Please note:

lf you reserve our transportation service, we will send a driver to the pickup location at the designated time. lf you cannot meet up with our driver for any reason, call the hotel first before making any other arrangement. lf you take another taxi without first contacting the hotel, you will still be charged for the trip. Thank you in advance for this consideration.